What should I do if I am not completely happy with my Print File purchase?

We strive most diligently to make every single package that leaves our plant the perfect product you deserve. We spare neither effort nor expense in manufacturing Print File archival preservers. Additionally, we have Quality Assurance personnel constantly monitoring the quality of our products at every step of the production process. We do, however, realize we are not perfect and occasionally, defective products slip through the process. We stand behind every product we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, please contact us within 90 days of purchase to receive an exchange or refund. If a problem occurs with our product, we will replace the product in a prompt manner or refund the full purchase price and we will also pay all costs involved in shipping the replacement to you. You can also fill out a Return Request form.

Do you sell magnetic pages?

NO, Print File definitely does not sell magnetic photo pages. The pre-applied adhesive that is used on magnetic photo pages is very harmful to photographs. The adhesive will yellow photography and cause substantial premature aging and discoloration to your prints.

We do sell some similar page without the adhesive that are safe for photography, you can find them here.

How can I obtain a product catalog?

You may request a catalog by filling out the Catalog Request form or via phone at 800-508-8539. The “full-line” product catalog* is free. In trying to be environmentally friendly we encourage you to check our Virtual Catalog, which is an exact duplicate of our catalog where you can flip pages, zoom in on products, click on products to go straight to its information on the website and even print pages off of it. *Catalog prices are subject to change, please consult our website for up-to-date prices.