What are the advantages to using a slipcase with my album?

The advantages of using a slipcase are of great importance to consider. The slipcase will keep the album contents free of dust and light. Dust and light can cause many problems in premature degradation of your photos. The slipcase also protects from physical damage of the photo album and the contents. The slipcase allows for convenient storage on a bookshelf and will be more secure on the shelf. A slipcase is highly recommended for proper archival storage.

What is the difference between the ALB and ARC albums?

The ALB albums are the Print File premium brand photo album. The ALB has a black buckram textured material covering and 1.5″ D-rings. As an added feature a matching slipcase is available for the ALB-GB and ALB-SB albums. The ARC albums are a more “utilitarian” choice for photo, slide, negative or CD preserver storage. The ARC album features a highly textured polyethylene interior and exterior. The ARC-G has a 1.5″ silver D-ring and the ARC-S  feature a 1″ silver D-ring. Both albums are completely archival and safe for long-term storage.
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What is the difference between the 35-6HB, CP 35-6HB, and ULT 35-6HB?

The 35-6HB will accommodate six strips of 6 frames of 35mm un-sleeved negatives and is made from archival 4.8 mil polyethylene. The CP 35-6HB also accommodates six strips of 6  frames of 35mm un-sleeved negatives  but has an additional 812” x 11″ pocket attached to the preserver for a contact sheet. The ULT 35-6HB will accommodate six strips of 5 frames of 35mm negatives but the openings are slightly larger in order to accept a strip of sleeved 35mm negatives. The Ultima negative preservers are also 6 mil polypropylene.

Why has Print File chosen a solid seal rather than a stitch seal?

Our solid seals allow you to insert your negatives more easily without the corners becoming hung-up and causing scratches, wrinkles, or bending of your negatives. A stitch seal increases this risk. Also, solid seals are thinner and allow contact printing of 35mm negative on 8″x10″ paper.

What are the shipping costs?

We have a flat-rate for orders within the Continuous US and free shipping over $300. For international shipping or expedited services it depends on total of order and location, you can get a quote on the shopping cart after adding all the products. Check out the “Free Shipping Offer” page for more information on shipping costs.

I live outside the United States; can you ship directly to my country?

Print File now ships directly to many countries throughout the world and has distributors in over 20 countries. Once you go through the checkout process on our website you will be able to see the different options. If your country is not available you can contact us for other options. We encourage our international customers to contact our international distributors for Print File products. The shipping cost from the United States is very expensive and, especially for smaller orders, be cost prohibitive.

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